WordPress SEO Tips

Wordpress SEO Tips

Wordpress SEO Tips

These WordPress SEO Tips and WordPress Search Engine Optimization Tips will increase your WordPress website ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing. The intention of this article is to be a living, breathing document constantly evolving and changing as code changes, seo tools improve and search engine algorithms change. We don’t claim to know everything and we’re always learning. If you have insight or useful wordpress tips, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment below.

WordPress SEO Takes A Vlllage

We’ve found that there is no ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to optimizing your WordPress site. In other words, there is no single WordPress plugin that will take care of all of your search engine optimization needs. A few of the items we will address are: Proper WordPress permalink URL structure, an abundance of SEO plugins, choosing a WordPress SEO theme, crafting the ideal semantic indexing, selecting a sharing service and developing internal linking strategies.

WordPress SEO Permalinks

Access Permalinks: Login to WP-Admin panel —> Settings —> Permalinks

Your WordPress permalink structure is one of the most important foundations that needs to be implemented correctly for maximum SEO effect. We have found that there really are 2 different permalink structures that work extremely well, depending on your application. If you are not making use of categories or nested categories (which is fine, because Tags in and of themselves act somewhat like structured mini-categories), we recommend the following custom permalink setting:

WordPress SEO Permalink Structure Without Categories

WordPress SEO Permalink Structure Without Categories

If you are using categories, or nested categories for that matter, we recommend the following WordPress custom permalink URL:

WordPress SEO Permalink Structure with Categories

WordPress SEO Permalink Structure with Categories

Important: Understanding Search Engine Relevancy – The “Relevancy Chain”

There is a reason why the Permalink URL structure is so important! The answer is ‘relevancy’. Google, Yahoo and Bing all intend to deliver relevant search results to a users search query. The reason we use search engines to find information on the internet is because they deliver relevant results to our search (aka keyword).

How do you tell the search engine that your web page is relevant to a search query? Answer: Your Permalink URL needs to match your Title, Meta Description, H1 – H5 Headers, External Links, Internal Links, Inbound Links and well…the content of course! Permalinks are the foundation of this ‘relevancy chain’ and it is important that this is understood for all of the pages that you develop.

WordPress SEO Plugins

How many WordPress Search Engine Optimization Plugins can you imagine there are? There must be over a thousand! This writing is not intended to be a 100% all inclusive list of effective SEO plugins, but to reveal the plugins that we use and that we have had success with. I am certain that as of this writing, there are MANY plugins that we are not including, simply because we haven’t had experience using them.

Note: This list is expected to evolve. Let us know if there is a WordPress plugin that you have had success with.

So, without further adieu…

All in One SEO URL Structure

Click Here for our Preferred All in One SEO URL Structure

On Page Optimization – Custom Meta’s and Titles
All In One SEO Pack

Internal SEO Linking Structure
Contextual Related Posts
SEO Search Terms
SEO Automatic Links
Simple Tags

Sharing and Commenting Posts
Onlywire Submission and Sharing Plugin
Facebook Comments for WordPress

Pinging Services and WordPress Pinging Optimization
Link Log Matcher
MaxBlog Press Ping Optimizer

WordPress Robots.txt Optimization
Robots Meta Configuration
PC Robots.txt

Latent Semantic Indexing for SEO

What is Latent Semantic Indexing and how does it relate to WordPress SEO? Good question. Just as described above, when we spoke about the ‘relevancy chain’, there is also a ‘synonym chain’ that increases and improves keyword relevancy based on the synonyms and similar search terms. In other words, search engines are smart and even more advanced than you may think.

The search engines actually understand synonyms, familiar search terms and related content. Therefore, when creating your next wordpress blog post, it is best practice to research not only related keyword, but also related search terms! Hint: You can use Google’s free wonder wheel to find related search terms.

WordPress SEO Themes

When choosing a theme for your WordPress site, it is actually quite important that you choose the right WordPress SEO theme. The site code needs to be structured properly, and it needs to load quickly! Search engines are placing heavier emphasis on site load time, so that websites come up faster for their search users. Here are our preferred Search Engine Optimized WordPress SEO Theme vendors:
RocketTheme for WordPress

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  1. Informative article for WordPress SEO tips, I have wp site I will try it thanks for sharing

  2. Great post. Is there a way to change my permalink structure without breaking the indexed links? Will the cached pages in google still direct to the correct post?

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